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In addition to our offering of inflatable rides, we also have mechanical rides and other unusual items that will make for an unforgettable party.  Our 9 hole miniature golf course makes any corporate event a thing to remember.  Somebody having a special birthday?  Mini - Golf, a real mechanical Ferris Wheel, these are the  things that set Aardvark Amusement apart from the ordinary rental companies.  We constantly look to improve our inventory so our customers know that they will always have a great event!

Our real mechanical Ferris Wheel is a great addition to every event from a toddler birthday party to a large block party or fund raising event.  The six cage ride plugs into a standard generator, so we can set it up and operate it nearly anywhere your event is being held.


With Turbo lighting on both sides of the

Wheel and lights that “chase” up

and down both towers, this amazing

carnival ride has music and lighting

that will bring a real carnival to any

event!  Perfect for churches, schools,

spring carnivals, fall festivals, fund

raisers or even private parties at

your home.  We can have this

incredible ride set up and running

in 20 minutes or less for hours of

carnival themed fun!

Dunk Tank


Dunk the coach, teacher, principal, boss, or birthday girl or boy.  Our dunk tanks are a hit for any size event!

Gladiator Joust


Battle your buddies on the joust pedestal!  Inflatable joust stand comes with safe padded wands for the beat down!

Cash Blaster


Fill the cash Blaster Cube with money, coupons, prizes or anything that flies in the wind.


This commercial unit has a high powered blower to send you spinning!  Catch what you can before the time runs out!

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Ferris Wheel