Concession Equipment and Carnival Games

Nearly every event has food and games in addition to the inflatable and mechanical rides.  At Amazing Amusements, we continue to improve our product offering with items that are not the typical norm...we carry the basics  -  hot dog, Sno-Kone, cotton candy, popcorn, etc, and games, but check out the newest additions to our inventory:

Our Sno-Kone machines are commercial grade machines that can keep up with any size event.  We carry many of these machines in stock, so if several are needed, we can handle it!

Cotton candy  -  most kids favorite!  These machines begin producing in just seconds and can keep going to meet any demand.  Large events or small parties, these units can handle it.

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Frozen Drink Machines


Our frozen drink machines can keep up with parties of all sizes and ages.  For adult drinks or kids slushies, the Grindmaster has a 3.5 gallon tank for plenty of  “virgin” drinks or adult beverages.  Comes with enough mix for the first batch excluding alcohol.

Bell Ringers


Bell ringers the perfect size for all kids, one nearly 6 feet tall and lighted!  Lights blink when the “puck” hits the bell for sound and lights!  Fun for kids of all ages.  Our newest bell ringer is a whopping 14 feet tall, and a real challenge!

Classic Football Toss Game for All Ages


Great classic football toss game for all ages.  Comes with two sizes of footballs for kids and players of all ages.  Has multiple scoring targets for fun and competition.  Large, 15’ wide game with great graphics and lots of fun!

Bouncy Boxing!


Fun for most ages, bouncy boxing inside an inflatable ring is great interactive fun!  Large, soft boxing gloves and headgear for safe fun.

Prize Wheel


Spin the wheel to win a prize!  Very nice price wheel that stands by itself or sits nicely on a table top.


Numbered 1 through 60 for lots of prizes.

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