Concession Equipment and Carnival Games

Nearly every event has food and games in addition to the inflatable and mechanical rides.  At Amazing Amusements, we continue to improve our product offering with items that are not the typical norm...we carry the basics  -  hot dog, Sno-Kone, cotton candy, popcorn, etc, and games, but check out the newest additions to our inventory:

Our Sno-Kone machines are commercial grade machines that can keep up with any size event.  We carry many of these machines in stock, so if several are needed, we can handle it!

Popcorn machines come with bags for single servings or bulk packaging.  As with all our machines, these are commercial units and can produce a cycle of new corn approximately every 6-8 minutes.

Cotton candy  -  most kids favorite!  These machines begin producing in just seconds and can keep going to meet any demand.  Large events or small parties, these units can handle it.

Tired of hovering over that hot grill?  Our Hot Dog Steamers can heat dozens of dogs at one time and keep your buns toasty at the same time!  Nice small size but big on performance.



Toss bean bags and tip the trolls!  Great fun for all ages, comes with bean bags and 8 fun and furry trolls to blast away at!

Roll balls in  the Skee-Roll to score big!

Ring Toss


Giant bottle style ring toss game.


24” tall bottles and comes with wooden hoops for tossing at the large plastic Coca Cola bottles.

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Frozen Drink Machines


Our frozen drink machines can keep up with parties of all sizes and ages.  For adult drinks or kids slushies, the Grindmaster has a 3.5 gallon tank for plenty of  “virgin” drinks or adult beverages.  Comes with enough mix for the first batch excluding alcohol.

Our BANK SHOT game is for the pool player in all of us.


Always a crowd favorite, this game can be played for fun or to win prizes!



This game of skill is great for kids and adults.  Try to stand the bottle with a “fishing pole.”  Play until the bottle falls off of the platform.


Great fun from the past!



This classic game is now available as a portable carnival favorite!  Tic-tac-toe with bean bags to toss and try to make a line horizontally, diagonally or vertically.  Three bags each player.

Milk Bottle Toss


Knock all the milk bottles off the pedestal to win big.  Comes with three balls and three heavy weighted bottles for a challenging game of skill.

Bell Ringers


Bell ringers the perfect size for all kids, one nearly 6 feet tall and lighted!  Lights blink when the “puck” hits the bell for sound and lights!  Fun for kids of all ages.  Our newest bell ringer is a whopping 14 feet tall, and a real challenge!

Classic Football Toss Game for All Ages


Great classic football toss game for all ages.  Comes with two sizes of footballs for kids and players of all ages.  Has multiple scoring targets for fun and competition.  Large, 15’ wide game with great graphics and lots of fun!

All Weather Corn Toss Game


Classic Corn Hole Game in an all weather plastic!  Comes with 8 bean bags and very cool scoring towers that hold four coozies for drinks!

Bouncy Boxing!


Fun for most ages, bouncy boxing inside an inflatable ring is great interactive fun!  Large, soft boxing gloves and headgear for safe fun.


Ring Game


Great fun for teenagers and adults, the “Jamaican Ring Game” is an old favorite and very challenging bar game.  Swing the brass ring to try to hang it on the silver hook. 


Addictive and lots of fun!

Prize Wheel


Spin the wheel to win a prize!  Very nice price wheel that stands by itself or sits nicely on a table top.


Numbered 1 through 60 for lots of prizes.

Flying Froggy


Flop game for all ages

Fire in the Hole


Flop game for all ages

Flying Froggy and Fire in the Hole Flop Games


These classic “flop” games are great for all ages of kids.  They have a spring loaded flop thrower that flings the frogs and balls toward the targets.  Try to get the frogs on the lily pad or get the balls into the cups to score.  These games are table mounted so they come with adjustable legs for various heights of play.  Very fun and challenging.