Large Open Obstacle Course


75 Course with 14 and 18 slides attached, hurdles, knock down barriers and tunnels. Very fun for all events

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Phone: 904.545.8112



Large Enclosed Obstacle Course


65 Course with slide inside, hurdle obstacles, knock-down barriers and climbing blocks

Phone 904-545-8112

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** Please note that since we periodically upgrade to newer units, the actual inflatable we provide may vary slightly from the photos. **

Our interactive games come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We provide small obstacle courses and combo units for toddlers, and have a great selection of courses and games for bigger kids to adults. These are very interactive products, and can be a great addition to a corporate event, festival, carnival or backyard event to be remembered!

Classic Football Toss


Great classic football toss game for all ages. Comes with two sizes of footballs for kids and players of all ages. Has multiple scoring targets for fun and competition. Large, 15 wide game with great graphics and lots of fun!

Bungee Run


A challenging and fun game, participants strap into a bungee harness and run down a 30 bungee run to see who can place the Velcro pad farther without getting snatched back! Great for all ages 5 and up.



Battle your buddies on the joust pedestal! Inflatable joust stand comes with safe padded wands for the beat down!

Bouncy Boxing


Take on your buddies in the Bouncy Boxing Ring!


Inflatable ring comes with safe padded gloves and head gear for safe boxing fun!