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Amazing Amusements is a Jacksonville , FL, based company providing inflatable fun and mechanical rides for parties, corporate events, churches, fairs and any other good time.


We strive to maintain an inventory of fun products that will not only make your event an enjoyable one, but will bring you back again and again to try something different.  Check out our product list to see the exciting rides and units we stock.  We also have all types of concession machines, carnival games, arts and crafts machines and supplies for all ages.

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As we prepare our families for summer vacations and parties, we protect our skin with SPF lotions, refresh our swim strokes and warn against hot grills, ocean undertows and strangers.  At public beaches and pools we rely on lifeguards, at parties and fairs with inflatable amusements we rely on owners and operators to safeguard our families from injury.  But how do we know if we are protected when we rent an inflatable amusement?

Unfortunately there are rental companies that cut corners and do not follow the best practices of the inflatable industry.  An “unbelievable bargain” may indicate an operator who is underinsured or not insured at all.  Improper setup and lack of supervision create an unsafe environment and a greater chance of an accident.

Fortunately, at Amazing Amusements we rigorously follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and seek to protect our clients through safe operating practices.  We are a member of the IIPG, the Inflatable Industry Purchasing Group, where only the operators who continually meet the strictest, highest safety standards in the industry gain entrance.  We also carry a $2million aggregate liability insurance policy to ensure that our customers are protected in the event of an accident.

When you rent from Amazing Amusements, you can be confident we have your best interest in mind!


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