Start planning your event as soon as possible.  Select a chairperson for the event that can recruit volunteers to help plan the event, set up, and clean up afterwards.  Check within your community for other events that may be scheduled that would conflict with your event.  Weeknights are excellent for school events because they don’t interfere with vacations, family plans, sports, and other activities.





Decide how your school, church or venue will handle money and/or ticket collections at your event.  Will the rides, food, games, or other stations accept cash, tickets, or both?  Reserve entertainment and rides as soon as possible!





Let the community know in advance about your event.  Two weeks prior to your event, send home notices to your parents, post flyers in community businesses, and run ads in the local newspaper or radio.  The week before the event, have parents write about the event on the back of their cars with shoe polish-a great way to promote parent involvement.  On the day of the event, place large, easy to read signs around the school where the event will take place. 





It is a great idea to have a good sound system with speakers in areas where all can hear, or have a bullhorn handy for announcements.  Select an “MC” for the night to be in charge of announcing special rides, games, or events.  Place easily readable signs around the area directing people to food, games, events, and restrooms.





A great way to get the whole family involved is to sell crafts made by community members and have games available for kids of all ages.  These things can also be a great fundraiser for your school.  Prizes for the games can vary and be very inexpensive. 





Food is always popular at a carnival!  Set up booths close to outlets and to each other.  Have signs clearly marked with available items and the cost of each item.  Have all workers who handle food wear gloves! (Your cafeteria manager is a great resource!)  Hotdogs, soft drinks, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, shaved ice and frozen drinks (Slushies) are super sellers!





Live entertainment always goes over well.  Local businesses such as karate schools, dance schools, and your local firehouse will usually provide entertainment for free.  Having a dance area and a clown are also popular. 



For the Coordinator


Coordinators need to set schedules for volunteers and send out reminders two days before the event.  Have backup volunteers ready to help in case of a no show.  Talk to your local high school National Honor Society and other organizations for help running events at your carnival.  A map needs to be made scheduling the placement of all rides, games, and events.  A rain plan is also a must.  On the day of the event have plenty of help scheduled before the event is to take place to set up tables, run errands, etc.  A walkie-talkie system is helpful. 




Have a Great Time!

Tips for successful event planning

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Event planning can be a challenge.  With proper preparation and a little homework, any event can be fun and progress as expected.  We offer a few tips below that may help you prepare well and enjoy a relatively stress free event.


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