Giant 192” Movie Screen!


This inflatable movie screen set-up includes video projector, an up-convert DVD player (takes standard definition DVD movies and converts them “up” to a higher resolution for a better picture) or Blu-Ray DVD player, two 800 watt speakers for stereo sound and the ability to feed from your existing high definition cable (Comcast), satellite (DirecTv or Dish Network), as long as it’s not built in. Also connects to Xbox 360, Wii, Sony PS3, etc. Must have an HDMI out for best results, but we can connect with nearly any type device - RCA, S-Video, etc.


 Watch movies in the back yard, at the community center or by the pool for a “dive-in” movie experience or wherever there is room for 300+ people.









Also includes a wireless microphone for announcements, Karaoke, anything from anywhere on site.


Great for pro or college football games, UFC or MMA fights, boxing events, etc.  See a concert like never before or rent the setup for a kids party to watch movies.  Have an amazing gaming tournament in your front or back yard.


Includes delivery, set-up, DVD player and all accessories necessary to run a cable or satellite feed to the system.


Call for more details on this system and all of the different options we offer!



Actual screen shots of movies on the screen: